About Album ''Know, What I Mean?''

Album is mostly a co-writing with amazing musician and a friend Marko Črnčec and with some other musical friends of Katja, Klemen Kotar, Miha Gorše in Bojan Zupančič. She took part in the postproduction process, which truly makes this album, called “Veš, kaj mislim?” (Trans.: Know, What I Mean?), a unique project combining elements of jazz and pop. It was released under a Slovenian label Celinka. The songs have been continuously featured around the country, appearing on radio and television till today.
Album Know, What I Mean? (Veš, Kaj Mislim?) has 11 songs that contains with Slovenian lyrics ,mostly written by Katja. She sings about positive attitude toward life, reminds us to take some time for yourself and shares what she has learned so far. Album also include two collaborations, one with MC Doša and another one with Brass Emergency.
Album was mostly recorded in Regional Center Maribor, production by Epix Productions, Marko Črnčec and Katja, post-production by Vid Žgajner and Zvjezdan Marjanović. Recorded by Marko Črnčec (keys), Žiga Stanonik (guitar), Igor Bezget (guitar), Žiga Kožar (drums), Matej Hotko (bass), Blaž Korez (percussion), Bruno Domiter (percussion), Tomaž Gajšt (trumpet), Gregor Kozar (saxophone), Vid Žgajner (trombone), Ana Bezjak (bv), Maja Keuc (bv), Karin Zemljič (bv), Aleksandra Čermelj (bv) in Maja Ajdič (bv).
Go to ''MEDIA'' and listen to Katja's album Know, What I Mean? or find it on iTunes. (Katja Koren / Ves, Kaj Mislim?)

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